Utah is home to many award-winning breweries, but there is plenty of room for more. You will need to apply for and obtain federal, state, and local licensing before you can even begin to commercially brew your beer. Tanner Lenart has many brewery clients, whose needs range from completely working up all applications, to just reviewing prior to submission, to just answering questions over a quick phone call or email.

Top five FAQs or Did You Knows for Brewery Liquor Licensing

  1. Utah is welcoming to new breweries, and has manufacturing permits readily available.
  2. Small breweries in Utah are exempt from franchise laws.
  3. Small breweries in Utah (producing less than 60,000 barrels a year) may apply for a reduced price markup (32% rather than 88%).
  4. You can apply for a special package agency (“Type 5”) permit, which allows you to sell your product directly from your facility.
  5. If you have a restaurant or bar attached to your brewery, you can sell your bottles out of your package agency on Sundays and holidays (when state stores are closed).

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