Tanner Lenart is here to assist individuals and businesses with their beverage, sale, and manufacturing related needs. Our services include:


State applications for:

  • Bars

  • Restaurants (limited or full-service)

  • Off-premise beer

  • Hotels

  • Private equity clubs

  • Order to Show Cause representation

  • Sales/transfers of businesses with alcohol licenses

  • Violation appeals/settlement negotiations

  • Federal TTB issues (manufacturers)

  • Local (city/county) licensing

  • Advertisement review/advising

  • License evaluation

  • DABS commission hearing representation

Tanner Lenart gets the liquor licenses you need to stock your bar or fire up your still. Restaurants, bars, hotels, entertainment venues, grocers and other retailers benefit from Tanner’s insight, experience and enthusiasm with licensing and regulatory compliance issues for liquor, beer, catering and special event licensing throughout Utah. Tanner also counsels Utah craft distilleries and breweries, as well as other suppliers operating in the state.

Please get in touch.

Email: tanner.lenart@chrisjen.com
Phone: 801-323-5000