Liquor Law Changes That Went Into Effect on June 1st, 2022

Tanner and Stuart Melling of Gastronimcs SLC did a break down of the major changes coming to Utah’s liquor laws that went into effect on June 1st.

Here are some of the main takeaways for the new Utah liquor law changes:

Seltzers be gone – changes to seltzers that contain ethyl alcohol (a common flavor stabilizer) cannot be present, and in turn, the much storied loss of some 50+ products from grocery and convenience store shelves.

These are the seltzers that are coming off the shelf at grocery stores:

  • Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer – black cherry, coconut pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit, and lemon-lime
  • Bud Light Seltzer – lemon/lime, mango and strawberry
  • Coors Seltzer – pure berry, citrus, black cherry, grapefruit, mango and raspberry
  • Leinenkugel’s Spritzen – grapefruit, pineapple/strawberry and raspberry/lemon
  • Pompette Hard Sparkling Water – clementine/berry, cucumber/lime, grapefruit/bergamot, lemon/mint and rose/hibiscus
  • Truly Hard Seltzer – lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, raspberry iced tea and strawberry iced tea
  • Vizzy Hard Seltzer – black cherry/lime, blackberry/lemon, blueberry/pomegranate, blueberry/watermelon, kiwi/watermelon, mango/watermelon, papaya/passionfruit, pineapple/mango, raspberry lemonade, raspberry/tangerine, strawberry/kiwi, strawberry lemonade and watermelon/strawberry
  • Flying Embers Hard Kombucha – ancient berry, berry USDA Organic, ginger & oak, grapefruit thyme, lemon orchard, pineapple chili, watermelon and wild berry
  • Jiant Hard Kombucha – gingerly, guavamente, hicamaya and original
  • Juneshine Hard Kombucha – lime and orange

More bars, kinda, ish, almost: Utah has a problem with granting bar licenses, but they are picking that up a bit with 9 new bar licenses granted last month

Beer me:  You can now take beer to go from both bars and restaurants under these circumstances:

  • 5% ABV or under
  • Sold in a sealed container
  • The container is no larger than two liters

You must have dines at the restaurant first before taking beer to g from these establishments.

Here is a handy beer to go guide for Utah

Beer to go guide in Utah

Praise be, it’s Sunday: You can now buy beer, wine and liquor on Sundays. You just need to go to the local manufacturer to purchase it.

Tanner and Stuart go on to cover 8 other new changes to Utah liquor laws that went into affect June 1st. You’ll have to read the full article here to get the rest of the details.

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