Tanner Guests on the Taste Masters’ Podcast

On December, 29th, Tanner was a guest on the Taste Masters’ Podcast where she sat down with the hosts. In case you don’t know what the Taste Masters Podcast is all about it’s a website and podcast that is “dedicated to finding the best craft beverages out there.” The podcast is now on episode 158 and they have a new episode every Thursday, you can listen and subscribe here.

This episode took place at Scion Cider Barn where they sample their Farmhaus Brunch, which is a cider infused w/ real cinnamon & real maple syrup! In this episode, Tanner talks about her past and upbringing in Alabama, and her experience of being a bartender in Oxford, England, and Wanaka, New Zealand. While in law school, she was a ski instructor in Park City, Utah, and how she earned her pilot’s license while in college. She also touches on her recent trip to Sonoma which led her to bring up the new law in Utah where you can legally bring a case of alcohol across state lines.

This is a new law in Utah where one person is allowed to bring across state lines for personal consumption the equivalent of nine liters of wine and close to twenty-five twelve-ounce beers.

The podcast goes on to talk about all the ways Tanner is able to educate and serve people in Utah with the intricacies of Utah’s complicated alcohol laws and she talks about her relationship with the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS). The podcast also touches on the monthly DABS meeting that Tanner attends, we also have a link to that live stream of the monthly meeting in the main menu above. They also talk about the variety of clients Tanner has from retirement communities, railways, aerospace, hotels, and her numerous clients that own and operate bars and restaurants.

The podcast is a great listen so make sure to check it out and subscribe.

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