Tanner Debunks Myths of Utah’s Liquor Laws

Tanner was recently featured on Visit Utah’s Instagram where she talked with Darby Doyle about some of the myths surrounding Utah’s Liquor Laws. This latest episode takes place on Park City’s Main Street where Darby also talks to the master brewer at Wasatch Brewing about the skill it takes to brew a low alcohol percentage beer and she also talks with the bar manger at Park City restaurant, Handle about the base spirit law and the challenge that presents in making a good tasting and well balanced cocktail.

Utah may have a reputation for having some strange liquor laws, but contrary to what you might think, the Beehive State isn’t that different from most of the U.S.


In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Utah, we follow @darby.doyle around Park City as she debunks some myths around Utah’s liquor laws and shows visitors that there are plenty of ways to enjoy a tasty adult beverage.

Some questions that Tanner answers during the interview are :

  • Misconceptions on Utah’s Liquor Laws.
  • Buying beer at Utah gas stations.
  • The boom of distilleries, breweries, and cideries in the past decade.
  • How Utah’s Laws came to be.
  • Dry counties in Utah?
  • How the 2002 Olympics changed liquor laws.
  • Utah’s new higher ABV limit for Beer.
  • Zion Curtains.

See the video below.

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